Friday, December 28, 2012


I've started a project where I'm thoroughly going through each little spot in my room and getting rid of things, organizing and tidying everything up. I like to horde memories, it's hard for me to get rid of stuff because each tiny thing has a memory attached to it. I just went through and old box full of cards, pictures, notes, tickets, and programs. It's amazing how you can suddenly remember something, a person, a place, a day or thought, that hadn't crossed your mind in ages. Our brains are amazing things!
Anyways, I didn't end up throwing anything away, but all my programs are neatly stored away in my Special Edition Harry Potter box. :)

While I was going through these things, I found a list of things I wanted to do. I'd say it dates about 2 or 3 years back...

1.Get better at piano (Eh)
2.Learn how to juggle (What? Nope.)
3. Learn to play cello. (Dx)
4.Be able to do clap push-ups. ( I can do 1 maybe every other month. I'm counting it.)
5.Become better at origami. (Hah, again, what?)
6.Lean to speak Korean. (In progress!)
7.Learn how to ride a horse well. (Define well...)
8.Speak French well. (Once again, define "well"...)
9.Learn to cook well. (These are too vague.)
10.Learn how to make friendship bracelets. (I had such random aspirations.)
11.Learn how to iceskate (Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha keep dreaming Past-Kylie)
12. Read all of Shakespeare's plays. (In the works)
13.Become good at cursive. (Why...)
14.Be able to do the splits. (Success!)
15. Make a giant snowman. (I  hate snow.)
16. Go skiing. (I hate snow.)

It's fun to look back at these like this. My goals have definitely changed, and it's fun to see what I actually accomplished and what I didn't. I would be such an interesting and random person if I was good at all of these things!

Peace out.

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