Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The first week of summer has passed quickly. Already I'm having trouble telling the days apart; it was kind of refreshing, not having to remember what day it was because it simply didn't matter. But already my restless human nature is ready to do something and be busy again.Something, anything; just to cease the bored numbness I'm experiencing at the moment.

But what do I do about it?
'Cuz I'm lazy. :)

I spent the night at Molly Munyan's house, which was a lot of fun and included much hysterical laughter. Kiersten is just so darn cute! All my pictures from this ordeal ended up of her, not that I'm complaining. ;)
She enjoyed taking the waterballoon picking it up and splashing herself. Great fun :)
This picture is kind of cliche and nothing special. But then I noticed the blur in the background, and realized I'd taking a picture of a fly in flight! I was pretty proud of myself.

Oh, I wish I had a nice camera, I Nikon D90 would do. ;)
I think instead of saving my money up for a laptop, I'll work on a camera fund. I really do enjoy photography, my camera just sucks.

I Also spent Saturday with my amazing Friend Natalie, and we explored the creek by her house, and ended up in people's backyards. That was good fun; except it was really hot and I had to go to the bathroom, but hey, it's all in the spirit of adventure, right?


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