Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've really been uncontent with my camera the past few months. I've really wanted to take photography more seriously, and with some stuff that might be coming up(Need to be vague here for now ;P) I really want a nice camera. And I guess if it does end up happening, hopefully we will invest in an awesome camera... But until then, I've decided "To heck with it!" My pictures won't be as clear, but what matters it the subject and the creativity, right?

So I'm gonna go for it. I'm gonna try this whole picture-a-day journal thing, and see how it goes.

So technically there are two pictures.. But their of the same thing so it counts :D
I've had this little bottle for years, I got it from the Ren. Fest, and originally is had bubbles in it, ut I re-filled it with some water and sparkly eye-shadow for the pictures. So Blogger made them turn out a little blurry from re-sizing them, but I was pretty happy with these pictures! :)
They kind of remind me of some fairy potion from Peter Pan or something.. Hahaha

Well, I don't have anything deep to say.

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