Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This post will be composed of lots of random thoughts and ideas over the last couple of days.
That is all.

Is it okay to hate the devil, when God says to love everyone, even your enemies?? I feel like he should be an acception, but are we disobeying God when we hate him?

It really smelled like autumn last night, and it made me extremely happy, so I ran around until I had a head-ache. It was worth it. I also introduced a friend to Charlie. She wants to marry him too. My life's mission is complete.("Hah! Wrong!")
I just quoted Moss from The IT Crowd. British tv shows are the best.

I'm really glad I've started prayer journaling again, after only a few weeks I can already look back and see answered prayers I never would have noticed if I hadn't been keeping track. How amazing!!

There are over 12 million orphans that are currently having to fend for themselves, teach themselves and younger siblings how to survive on what little they have and know.
And yet here we sit, gossiping about Joe Jonas and Miley Cyrus dating, and the new Johnny Depp movie that's coming up, are Brad and Angelina really breaking up??! Who freaking cares!! There are kids out there in the world struggling to survive, that had nobody to love on them and take care of them!
Imagine if your parents died. Right now. And you had no other family members to take you in. You'd have to fend for yourself, not to mention care for younger siblings if you had any.

Recently I realized that it's okay to be sad sometimes. Not over stupid things like losing your favorite socks, or not getting to see a movie you wanted to go to. What I mean is that was can't just ignore the orphans, human trafficking and other problems in the world by just saying "Oh, be happy and God will take care of it!" Sure, God's watching over each and everyone of those people, and love's them passionatly. But can you imagine how broken his heart is? To see all these children struggling to survive without the love and guidance of parents. And thinking of this, and God's heart being broken breaks my own heart. And that's okay, through compassion and empathy we are inspired to act, to do something.
You can walk the walk of a Christian, and talk the talk, but God says that you need to show your faith by DOING. Everyone's heard "Love is a verb, guyyyyys!" But so is our faith, we can't just go to church, be a good friend, pitch in on service projects once in awhile, our whole life needs to be filled with unavoidable passion to live for Christ, and do so by helping.

Okay, I admit, right now, I'm completely lost on how I'm supposed to help. But God's given me this passion, and I'm not going to ignore it! I'll be praying like crazy for God to show me what he wants me to do.
I'd encourage you to do the same!!
"Show me the path, O Lord; point out the right road for me to follow. Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you!"
Psalm 25:4-5


  1. have you ever heard of World Vision? I highly recommend you check them out. :) fund an orphan kid!

  2. Yeah! That's actually how I found this book!
    I'm surprised it didn't randomly pop up in my mini-tangent. xP