Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ahh, Autumn!
One of God's most brilliant masterpieces.
It's just cool enough where you can wear a sweater or a dress and it's still okay okay.
The sky seems bluer, the clouds puffier and the grass greener, it's perfect! I love early evenings when the air is cool and crisp, so the sun is warm and inviting. I love when the sun casts a soft, fiery glow through the changing leaves, and everything looks goldeny warm, it's magical!
I love chilly nights by the fire, stargazing with friends.
I love making leaf piles, and I love pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie.
Autumn is just so peaceful and inspiring. Even though it's the craziest season as far as activities, just an evening spent outside, reading, sketching or listening to music under a tree puts me right back into a happy and easy-going state of mind. It's the best antidote for stress!

Thank you God!

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