Friday, October 29, 2010

Pay it Forward

My dad hasn't had a job for over two years. He's been working as a free-lancer, fixing computers and printers and such. At times we've barely gotten by with the small paychecks and generous help from friends.
Well, my dad has a job again, and got his first real paycheck today. The first one in what seems like forever!

I wasn't feeling well tonight so dad was taking me home, we'd stopped and gotten a frosty to help my sore throat. On the highway exit, just a few minutes away from our house we saw a car pulled over, catching our attention, then a young woman a couple of yards away, walking by the side of the road. It was a chilly night, and the nearest gas station was a ways away. My dad pulled over and asked if she wanted a ride, she accepted thankfully, explaining she had just gotten off work, and knew she should've gotten gas, but she was broke, so her friend was meeting her at the gas station to help her out.

As we pulled up outside of the gas station, and she started to get out my dad said "Hold up a sec, I know all about being broke." he pulled out his wallet and handed her a twenty. The young woman was flustered, "Oh, no! I can't take that," but dad insisted, she smiled "You are such kind people! Really people like you are hard to come by, thank you so much!" she exclaimed as she got out of the car smiling and wishing us a good night.

What an amazing feeling! Never before had I helped someone out in that way before. I've lent kids a dollar, or fifty cents, I've shared my food, let people borrow my books, socks, whatever. I've served at old-folks home and gone to Valentine's Day parties for kids with down-syndrome. And sure they all give you that warm, content feeling that remind you what it's like to give, and help someone out.

On they way home and smiled at my dad, "That was a nice thing to do!"
He smiled back, saying "Over the last few years God has really spoken to me about generosity. I've always thought I'd be more generous with my money when I had more of it. But nobody ever feels like they have enough money. This morning we had less than five dollars in our bank, but today I got a paycheck. Of course I can spare twenty bucks!" I just nodded, and we rode home the rest of the way in silence.

I've been thinking about what he said, and it's true! Sure times have been tight, (Ramen noodles and peanut butter for weeks in a row!) but God's always provided for us, so we need to stop living in fear, and start living for Him! And when you realize this it really does open you up to generosity, after all, that money wasn't even ours, it was God's.
We've had so much love and help and support from friends and family, it's nice to know that we can start to pay it forward now.

Who knows, maybe that twenty dollars and a ride will totally change that girls life, and next thing we know, she'll be on TV proclaiming God's wonder! You really don't know, but you just gotta live each moment for the glory of God.

"Little things done with great love can change the world."

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  1. Soooooo I never tear up at stuff butttt I teared up at this. :) it made me happyyy