Monday, November 1, 2010


So it's come to my attention that I kind of alternate between more thoughtful posts, and then random posts. So please enjoy my random post. :)
I'm going to put my Itunes on shuffle, and then type the song, and whatever first pops to mind.
This shall be fun.

  • That's how the Story Ends Five Iron Frenzy- Christmas two(?) years ago. I got a karaoke machine, and my brother got this album. Very loud music ensued.
  • I Know You, TCH cast recording- ...TCH's production of Sleeping Beauty.
  • Consider Yourself, Oliver-The cool CD player I had.. But it broke.. This was the first soundtrack I played on it. xD Oh, and Jack Wild, of course! :3
  • Lip Syncing to the Song-Mystery Guitar Man!
  • Bad Day, Daniel Powter-Free bowling in the summer with Emily Wilson.
  • Gone, Switchfoot-In the car with dad and bros at the bank... Yep...
  • Double Trouble, Harry Potter-HARRY POTTER!
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Pirate Camp. Yessss
  • Nae Meoriga Nabbaseo, Boys Before Flowers-....Well I have no idea what they're saying.. It just reminds me of the awesome Korean TV show! :D
  • Hold Nothing Back, Copeland-NATALIE MAYER AND THE CREEK!
  • Not While I'm around, Sweeney Todd-Only one of the best songs on earth. And Joey Parker.
  • Bust Your Window, Glee-Heather Kline and Cinderella :)
  • Seize the Day, Newsies-Heheheheheheheheh....
  • Cool, West Side Story-Drunk music. Colorado.
  • Candy Hearts, Tofer Brown-Someday I will do a cover/music video to this. I think I'll make someone in New Zealand do it with me.
  • Wizard Needs Food Badly, FIF-Gauntlet.
  • Into the West, LOTR-LOTR marathons with the Hutchisons. :D
  • Bird Without Wings, Celtic Thunder-Christmas again, this time because I was really excited for presents and my dad was snoring really loud so I just listened to this on repeat until I fell asleep.
  • My Skin, Natalie Merchant-Jazz class and Rachael Feeley.
  • Now You're Gone, Basshunter-NINJA CAMP AND HANNAH ROGG! Lovvvve.
  • Hey There Delilah. Plain White T's- Joy and Happiness. :3
  • Let the Waters Rise, Mikeschair-Spring, and many, many hours at the Hoff's house.
  • Point of No Return, Phantom of the Opera-Sleepovers with Ashley Craven. :) "His hair is so silky and volumized! He must use herbal essences!"
  • Relax, Take it Easy, Mika-The Legend of Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass, green tea, and geometry.

Well, there you go. 25 songs and what they remind me of.

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