Monday, December 27, 2010


Yes, I'm doing a blogpost about Christmas.

I just wanted to say this year seemed different.
I love Christmas, I love how it makes almost everyone happy, I love most of the music, the Christmas lights yummy Christmas specials at Starbucks. Not to mention the fact that it's celebrate our Saviors birth! Whether He was born on December 25th or not.

But this year I wasn't really looking forwards to presents. Usually all day, they day before Christmas, the kids are begging all day "Let's open the presents now!" "How about now?" "Can't we do it early this year?" and we sit by the tree, eying our presents greedily, and constantly glancing at the clock. But this time I was just content to play our traditional Christmas-Eve-Game of GRRR(A very fun game that we play with the cousins for as long as we can remember) in the basement and make pillow forts. I almost felt guilty when I looked at the presents all wrapped up with our names on them.

I've always noticed that the rest of the world was all about presents when it came to Christmas, but our family was different.
Not really! One thing my 11 year old cousin said Christmas morning after playing a new game my brother had gotten really kind of bothered me "Aw man!! That game is so fun! I'll trade you all of my presents for that, I don't want any of these legos I hate them anyways!"
WHAAT? I'm sorry, but be content you little spazz! You just received hundreds of dollars worth of toys and you're already discontent and making your wishlist for next year?
My brother replied "Hey Rex! It's not about the stuff anyways, plus your legos are cool." before returning and helping my 8 year old cousin Ryan with his lego sets that he was more than happy with.

And seriously, I'm totally cool with presents, I mean hey, I'm human, I love getting free stuff! But why does it have to be all about presents? Spending time at my grandparents house with family I only get to see once a year is more than enough for me.
Companionship is one of the best gifts we've been given.

Well I really don't know what exactly I was trying to say here. Sooo... See ya! :) Sorry if you suffered through this explosion of rambly thoughts...
Enjoy the rest of 2010!

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