Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well, it's a new year. Therefore I have new goals.

1.No soda. I heard this was a quick and easy way to shed some extra weight, plus, it's just not that great for you, I like water!
2.The Splits. Okay, this is kind of a random one. But seriously, I'm pretty close. If I can't get this done by next year there's no hope for me.
3.Become more educated in the world of music. I need a cooler taste in music.
4.EAT LESS! Buh. This one is self-explanatory.
5.Prioritize! Less time on the computer doing this, and more time cleaning, doing school and working on theater. My life will get about 108375703 time better if I JUST did this one.
6.Dress cuter. Kind of a lame one, but I also have a sucky fashion-sense to match my taste in music. If I dress nicer and have a better taste in music, I will automatically become a much cooler person.
7.Become craftier. Nice clothes, good music, and an artsy side. I'll be a pretty cool indie-kid wanna be. I'm going to start with making felt buddies. :D
8.PRESENTS FOR MY FRIENDS! I want to be a cool friend who remembers everybody's Birthdays and gives them awesome presents.

If I can complete all of these by next year, I will be the coolest person ever.
Feeling ambitious! LET'S ROCK 2011!!


  1. i think we have the same mind.
    i seriously got on here to make a post with my new years resolutions.
    love you:)

  2. Ohhh kylieee you're my favorite :] the soda habit's pretty easy to kick, btw. after you've haven't had it for like 3 months you realize how nastyyy it is.