Saturday, December 18, 2010


Living proof of a Creator. I can't wrap my mind around believing that this amazing world just popped into existence; even the idea of it developing over millions of years seem kind of ridiculous when you just look outside. Seriously! Man made things are pretty or cool at first, but after a while the beauty kind of dulls, and you move on to the next new and pretty thing.
I have never once looked at a sunset and thought "Oh yeah, there's another sunset, same as it always is." Or looked up at the massed of bright, sparkling stars and go "Yup. Boooring..."
Every. Single. Time. I am stunned into silence, and inexplicably filled with the wonder and joy of His marvelous creation.

Everything He made is so wonderful, I really just want to sit at His feet and praise Him! Thank You for giving such a wonderful world to live in! From the smallest, vivid green blade of grass, to the biggest fluffy cloud in a bright blue sky, everything under, beyond and between is a work of art and an amazing gift!

Find some time to just take it in, seriously, stop and smell the flowers! What a wonderful world we've been given to live in, and our minds are by who knows what, when our attention should be on God, praising Him, completely in awe of His ingenious and beauty!


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