Monday, December 6, 2010


It's a great thing, is it not?
Yet slowly real, face-to-face, heartfelt conversation is greatly lacking in the world we live in today.
Through facebook, twitter, texting, skype, AIM, phones, E-mail, Tumblr, Myspace, etc.
In some ways it makes me glad to live in the 21st century, I don't know if I could survive without facebook, millions of people feel the same way their cellphones. It makes communication and constant contact with one another easy.
But when you take a step back and really evaluate what all of this is doing, it makes me not so happy.

God created us for companionship, to relate to one another, just be with each other. And I feel like true communication is really lacking. Today on a TV show, there's a new fad for cards that introduce yourself, so you don't have to. You give this card to a person, it has some clever pick-up line, if the other person is interested, they go home, type in the link on the back of the card, and check you out. The people were talking about how in a few generations, nobody will have social skills at all, they'll just go around handing out cards and texting eachother.
Then how come, even when you're constantly talking to and checking up on people, you still "miss them?" It's because our communication is still lacking what God planted into practically into our DNA. That desire for TRUE companionship! Face-to-face conversations and just the warmth and contentment of spending time with a friend.

I know you're probably thinking "PSH! I'm with my friends all the time! I don't just rely on facebook or texting and stuff. Laaaame." That's what I thought too!
But when I seriously evaluated my recent conversations with people(Even over facebook!)
It mostly consisted of "Hey!.. How are you?" "Good, you?" "Good!" "Good."
And then you move on. It's the default conversation, and whether you feel good or not, you plaster on a smile and say "Good!"
When's the last time you asked "How are you?" and seriously meant it? I know I ask it all the time, and barely wait for a reply before moving on with my day. Through our constant communication, we lose our sincerity.
I really don't know where I was going with this, just some thoughts I guess... I haven't posted in awhile..

God created us to have amazing relationships with other human beings, to support and further our most important relationship with God!
Don't take people for granted!!

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  1. kylie this is soo great! i love it.
    you're so wise!