Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So this kind of turned into a rant. Oops!

 There really is no point to this blogpost. I'm just bored, and wishing for warm weather. I guess with all this free time I've been able to do whatever I want. And that mostly included sleeping, watching my Korean TV shows(Don't judge. x3) reading, cooking, reading, sleeping some more, oh, and reading. I'd forgotten how much I'd loved reading! I'm not trying to sound cheesy or anything, but they really can take you away from life, and transport you into a new, exciting adventure, and let you forget about the dishes that need to be done, and the extra schoolwork you have to catch up on, etc. It's nice!
Sung as a bug... On a flower...? I was happy to find that little bug, and that I actually got a decent shot of it!

Anyways, again, with all this freetime I've just been thinking about all the stuff I love to do, and how little time I get to spend doing it sometimes. Reading? Not so much, unless it's history books and Shakespeare. I LOVE photography, but I don't have a very nice camera, so I kind of give up on it quickly when the picture doesn't turn out the way I want it. Writing is something else I've always enjoyed, but I also have a short attention span and don't keep with a story more than a couple of pages. Drawing, I've always wanted to become better at it, but I just don't have the time!
Amazing waterfall we hiked to, it was worth it!
So where is all my time going? Theater. Which is good, that's something else I love, I don't mind my time being eaten up by that. Sleep. Also good. AHG. BUH! I'm sick and tired of all this stress and pressure when it comes to American Heritage Girls, first of all, there's all this mom drama, and our AMAZING leader was "Voted" down, she was the only reason I was still sticking in with it. All the girls are fine with eachother, sure, some of them are obsessed with vampires, which is a little worrysome, but y'know, preteen/teenage girls. What can you do? It's the moms are are having all the trouble! But it's stressin' me out! Plus learning to sew and helping little girls earn badges is deffinitley NOT one of my passions!

Okay. I'm done ranting now. But seriously. I don't want to get my Stars And Stripes badge. I don't care if it'll make me a better person, or that I 'll regret not earning it when I'm older. I want more time to do things I love! God gave me these talents and passions, and I want to use them to glorify Him! Not sit around being aggravated with AHG.

Carpe diem! Seize the Day!

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  1. Ohhhh, honey. Your AHG stress... I totally understand. When I did Girl Scouts that was almost the same problem. (There was some drama with the girls, but B. was a DRAMA QUEEN, let's be honest.) ANYWAYS. If you decide to drop it, I really doubt you'll regret it. I don't miss scouting one bit. Earning a badge doesn't make you a better person, you don't need the guidelines to do it. :) If you wanna improve yourself you can do that ANY time with God, with kids from church, or just helping people on your own time. Don't let it stress you out! Do what's gonna help you grow. <3