Monday, January 24, 2011


If you haven't noticed through my last few posts. I kind of like nature a lot. It used to bother me back in the day when we would go to Colorado and I would spend ALL day outside watching the chipmunks, then a nine year old version of Daniel Hutchison would come outside from playing video games and study me for a moment, before wandering back inside, calling "Tree-hugger!" over his shoulder. I thought that it basically was another class of nerdism, and I really didn't appreciate it.

But The more I'm praying and really observing nature as God's creation. I think it's my way of really connecting with Him. Awhile ago our church did a series on the 7(I think) ways people tended to connect with God. Some where through acts of service, through hard-core research, some through singing and worship, nature, etc.

I remember a church retreat I went on with one of my friend's church, and just being outside in Autumn, reading my Bible in the middle of beautiful woods, I just really felt His presence. I think that was a really big turning point in my relationship with Christ. And even though there were obnoxious boys(Let's please not go into this.) and the girls honestly all seemed a little -cough-shallow-cough-(Not to be judgmental or anything. x]) It was an amazing experience for me!

Anyways, the title of this post is "Stars" because I  went to the cosmosphere with my friend Cassie, and it was AMAZING! I really do want to delve deeper into this subject. But I feel I've already did my random burst about nature for the day.  :) So maybe tomorrow.

But just remember! If you're looking for God, you'll find Him. He's everywhere, even in the bad!

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