Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Relax! :)

"Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."
Matthew 6:34

I seriously think the Bible was written JUST for me, AS I'm reading it WHILE whatever is going on.
Okay the while didn't really need to be in caps... But anyways...
I guess that's why they call it the Living Word, right? It really is amazing!
Dreaming of spring.  Plus I feel like this has a nice "Relax" vibe to it. ;)
I've been stressing a lot recently. I think part of it's because I've been sick. And that always gets me kind of out of wack. But I also think every spazztic teenage girl needs to have their random spurts of stress. Or maybe I'm just a particularly spazztic teenage girl. Hm.

Anyways, I've been worried a lot about the future, what I want to do, what I'm actually GOING to do. I've been worrying about improving, on... Well everything I suppose, I need to get better at theater, I need to get better at French and Korean, I need to get better at writing, and drawing, and being nice, and cooking, and being organized, etc. etc. etc. I've been worrying about responsibilities, and my irresponsibility, and what people are thinking about me; what people aren't thinking about me.

Basically I've been a frantic mess. Tonight I started reading Matthew, and pretty much everything I read really just made me think. I'm starting to realize I don't need to worry. I need to focus on God, not the future, and when I'm focused on Him, everything is clearer. It's kind of a hard feeling to explain, but everything just makes sense, and you have this wonderful sense of peace that makes me want to laugh and run around outside. It's just lovely.

I guess what I'm trying to say is:
Relax! Chill! Breath! It's Biblical. ;)
Whenever I edit a picture I already liked, I'm always worried I over-edited and ruined the original picture. What do you think?



  1. I've been reading through Matthew lately, too. I absolutely love it cuz so much of it is just what Jesus said... and when you really think abou tit, we're so lucky to get to read the stuff that JESUS actually spoke! Gets me excited. And you're right int hinking the Bible's written to you... cuz it is!! :) Love youuuuuuuuu :D

  2. WOW! Even reading through it and being amazed, that thought never really struck me! DUDE THAT'S SO COOL! Wowowoww. Seriously. Thanks for that!
    I love youuu! Hang out pleease? Starting Saturday I'm officially on Spring Break. :D

  3. Yeah! I just realized it lately :)
    Yes yes yes. Let us hang as soon as possibly WARM! weather hits :)