Sunday, May 15, 2011

Growing up.

It's something that excites me and terrifies me all at the same time.
Something I'm eager for, and something I feel is happening to fast.
I suppose everyone has the same problem major contradictions when it comes to growing up, but I'm really starting to feel the growing pains. It's SO hard to find the happy medium of staying joyful, innocent, blissful and naive, when you're also starting to realize at some point you're just going to have to grow up and face reality.
There's bad stuff out there, but you have to remember all the good too. There are scary people, and wonderful people, there are days when you're going to have a lot of hard work to do, but there are also seasons where you can just sit back and relax.

Most of my friends have jobs, can drive, and some are going to college. That's all stuff that excites me, but there's still this little part of me, the little kid that refuses to grow up that wants to turn around and run the other way, back to when life was simpler, boys and had cooties and our parents cooked our meals for us.
Well I don't have any words of wisdom or anything today. x) I suppose that I could use some advice.

For now I guess I'll just pray and take each day as it comes. :]

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  1. Hey, you're dead on with this :) Heck, I'm IN college and I wanna go back to kindergarten and play with Barbies. (Wait, I still play with Barbies! ;)) Anyways. Going to college reallyyy bursts your bubble of "ILOVETHEWORLDITSGREAT!" cuz... people are jerks. People smoke. People cuss 24/7. Professors make fun of students from previous semesters (I am so scared of becoming one of those students). This is all stuff that you knowww is out there, but experiencing it is pretty discouraging. The best cure is making sure that even when your life is hectic and crazed, you pick up your Bible and study it prayerfully. Note the ways Jesus went around in a crazy sinful world, and He dealt with the insanity of other people. Read Psalms. Find your innocence again in Christ. <3 I hope my novel-length comment encourages at least a little haha. Klet'shangoutIhaveyourbirthdaypresentbye.