Friday, May 28, 2010

Wallabies and carousel rides

I wanted to upload a picture I took at the zoo today, but I left my camera in the Rabanal's car :(
But this is summery and was taken recently, so it works.
So anyways, today I went to the zoo with the Rabanals! It was fun, hot, but fun. I find I'm not as disgusted with the heat as I seemed to have been the last few summers. We went to Asia and Australia, and meant to take the train to Africa, but we stayed on to long and ended up back in Australia.. Oops! We saw alot of kangaroos really close, because they were resting in the shade, I literally could've taken a few steps and been in the middle of their little group. (What do you call a group of kangaroos??) But Jonathan and Kenny insisted they were Wallabies. But they weren't. But they continued to call them Wallabies anyways.

We also rode the carousel! Twice! :D
I rode a warthog or some ugly little pig thing, and then a tiger. I liked the tiger better.
It was a pretty good day so far, I believe I'm going shopping with my mom once she gets home from a Trilogy meeting, and tomorrow I have two Showtime performances!


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