Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Two posts in one day; lucky you!

I'm just so happy and content with life, I suppose I wanted to write about it a little bit. Maybe when I'm feeling really low, I can look back on this, and it'll make me magically feel better... Or something.

So first, I need to tell you, my dad didn't get the amazing job that was going to make our lives a billion gazillion times better. But guess what? God's gonna take care of us! He always has and always will! He's seriously the most ultimatest guy ever.
I just have a peace about this, that I know is coming from Him, I'm not scared, worried, or angry... Just peaceful.
Thank you, Lord!

And next, today was one of the most beautiful days and sunsets in history. It made it even better because I got to spend my day with my amazing friends, whom I really love so freakin' much I can only describe it by saying "So freakin' much" and meaning it with all my heart. For some reason my friends remind me of Winnie-The-Pooh... Okay we're getting side-tracked. That's a whole other blogpost..
Anyways, it's starting to smell like Autumn, which just automatically puts me in a better mood. Autumn is seriously one of the billions of gifts straight from God. He really knew what He was doin' when he thought up this season. It's SO beautiful, it smells good, looks good, feels good... Sounds good....?
Ah! I'm just so content! My windows open, I hear crickets chirping and my room smells fresh, and I'm listening to music and posting about my happiness on my blog.

Life is good. :)


  1. i LOVE this post. who said you couldn't write?!?
    love you girl!!

  2. This makes me happy to read and it's super inspiring, too! Like... I wanna get back to God more now. So thanks for posting ittt. :)