Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Life(Trilogy) start today. AH!
Here's a little review of what I've been up to.
So we went on a 9 day trip to a cabin down in Colorado. We had such a beautiful spot!
We were completely surrounded by mountains, there were wildflowers everywhere, and a lovely river about a two minute walk away.

So during this trip, I really wanted to focus on my relationship with God, and while I didn't just sit down and pray with him the first couple of days; finally I made myself go find a log somewhere off near the river.
I'm going to be honest.
Praying has never been something I'm good at. It's not something I'm proud of, and it's something I'm going to change. So I've started a prayer journal and I've been working on just going through the day in prayer.
It's nice. :)

And then just last weekend I went on a canoe trip with Boyscout Troop 522 and AHG KS 1209. I was SO scared first getting into the canoe! I don't really like water, or the idea of getting wet, plus I didn't have a swimsuit on. When you very first get onto the river, there's a big placid piece of water, and then a little piece of rapids you have to go over to get to the actual river. Yikes!
But guess what.
We survived.
And I loved it! I feel like I've really stretched myself this summer, I've done alot of things that a few years ago, I never would've attempted. I feel like I'm starting to not worry so much, and just enjoy life. Thank you Lord!

And now onto worrying again....
Today, in a few hours I'll be off to Trilogy for my first classes. And I've gotta say, I'm really nervous.
These are the Talent studio classes, and there are going to be some new people whom I don't know, and while I love meeting new people; I still get really stinkin' nervous!
I think I'm off to pray for a little while!

Hopefully I'll post some pictures of Colorado soon. :)

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  1. it makes me happy that you're prayer journaling! i started one right before summer, and i go through almost one every month. it is sooo great. :)