Sunday, September 19, 2010

Christmas list?

This is a blogpost containing my Christmas list. Because someone was singing Christmas carols,(Don't worry, Janae, the good kind. ;D) and it made me excited for Christmas. :)

Here goes!
A pair of Toms shoes,
Integrated Korean: Beginning Level 1 Textbook
& workbook,
A subscription to Napster,
A sponsorship to a World Vision child in Zambia, or a job or something so I can sponsor one myself. =P
Logitech 2 MP Portable Webcam C905
Fujifil Instax Mini Film Camera,
And a Chi hair straightener xP.
That's it so far.
It's weird, but I can see over the years how I've changed even just through a Christmas list.

Two years ago it included things like
Movies, etc. etc. It was stuff that was gone or boring in a few months, maybe even weeks. But I feel like the list I've created will actually be worth something, useful, not just random wants. So now I'm going to be a stupid and self-centered person and say that I'm kind of proud of myself.

Life's pretty great. :)

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