Monday, October 11, 2010

Back in the day

Me and my best buddy after a long day of play, wanting back inside.
Me and Ashley. We haven't changed. :)


Epic? Mmhmm.

Playing Banjo Kazooie in costumes? Yes.
We were very cultured children.

Hehe, Keller thought the cave was scary!

Best picture in the world. Keller used to be a camera hog. Now you can barely get him to take a picture.

Gangsta baby!

So cute!!

Us with old friends, the Vhos's and Shrout's. :)

Just revel in my cuteness for a moment. I really wish I still looked like this..

Yes, that is me, kissing Mario. I'm such a cool chick. Starfox was jelous. ;)
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The other day I was randomly inspired to go through all my mom's scapbooking albums, and so I wanted to put a few of my favorites on here, just for old-time's sake. :)

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