Sunday, January 2, 2011

Once Upon a Time

She could only see glimpses through the keyhole, the thick wooden door muffling the sounds from the other room, and keeping her hidden. Her blue eyes were wide, straining to see as much as she could. There it was! The glass slipper; her glass slipper. Her heart raced, adrenaline coursing through her veins, but there was nothing she could do. Thick rope bound her hands and ankles and a rag covered her mouth and nose, there was no use in crying out.

She squeezed her eyes shut, wishing with all of her being that someone would save her; after all, wishing is what had gotten her into this mess. But what did she wish for? If she wasn't tied up, and if she was out there trying on the glass slipper, would he still love her when he saw her like this? "Maybe it's better this way." she trying to tell herself, but she could bring her heart to believe it, no matter how many times her mind repeated it.

"IT FITS! IT FITS! I TOLD YOU IT WAS MINE! I told you!" A familiar screech interrupted her thoughts. Was it possible? Could he really mistake one of her step-sisters as herself? The energy ebbed away from her body as hopelessness slowly seeped in. She shivered at the sudden quietness and lack of commotion. They were gone. And she was left here tied up, sitting in the cold, dark kitchen. 

Tears stung her eyes and defeat chilled her bones as she sat there, shivering in the dark. She looked out of the small window up at the stars and the big bright moon, tears blurring her vision. Never had her heart could hurt so much, never had she  felt so cold and a warm summer's night. Finally the tears spilled over, and she let them come. Completely lost. Eventually she ran out of tears and was left shaking and hiccuping in the corner, exhausted, as she slowly drifted to sleep.
Some fairy tales don't come true.

I wanted to get back into writing... I didn't mean for it to be so depressing. '_'
Hahah Happy New Year everybody! x)


  1. Youuu are madly brilliant :)

    (Umm your header thing? Song Of Solomon doesn't really have a 13th chapter... I'm guessing you meant Psalms?)

  2. Well thanks! :3
    HAHAHAH!! Wow. Fail. It's Song of Solomon 2:2 xD Where 13 came from, I have no idea...