Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This past weekend were the much-anticipated auditions for Beauty and the Beast.
I suppose I haven't talked about that much on here, but it's been a big deal for the past few weeks.

Now let's get a couple of things straight.
I do theater because I feel like a God-given passion, some-how, someday, God is going to use me for Him through theater.
And secondly, I don't think I could do theater without Him. It freakin' scares the heck out of me! But with His strength and peace I make it through!

So I'd been praying alot about auditions, and honestly, I'd been working my butt off preparing for auditions, becoming familiar with the script and songs, with the role of Belle in mind. I've always struggled with having enough confidence without having too much and with this role I especially struggled. I wanted to tell myself I WOULD get the part. But at the same time I knew that would just be setting myself up for depression if I didn't get the role.

Anyways, long story short, I really wanted Belle. With all of my heart.
I didn't get Belle.
I was sad for a little bit.
I prayed.
I feel better.

God is cool.
I've been blessed with the amazing role of Mrs.Potts, and I'm PSYCHED out! I'll be able to shine through this role, and hopefully make my Prince proud!

I think I got a little too focused on ME and what I wanted, and a little less focused on GOD and what HE wanted. And when that happens, you are fo sho setting yourself up for some problems. But the amazing thing about Him is He always takes you back. And with that I am forever and infinitley grateful.

Life is just plummy!


  1. you are so wise and insightful, kylie! i am so lucky to have you as my friend. you're gonna be the best mrs. potts in the world! i love you!

  2. Well thanks! :) (Now my gratitude is blogger-official!)