Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow day :)

What is it about the human nature being so stinkin' lazy? I'm constantly fighting against my laziness just to do little things, like do my laundry, or tidy my room, or even charge my camera battery! It just takes practically two seconds to do all three of these things, and yet I have to drag myself out of bed or from the couch. Bah! I'm so tired of it! But thankfully God's got my back, and He can help me get rid of my laziness and make to day worthwhile! Yayayay!

There's a lot of snow outside. I really, really REALLY love snow. When it's actually snowing. After it's done snowing, and it's just sitting there on the ground, being all cold and wet. I don't really enjoy it.
But let's get back to when it's snowing. It's magical! Honestly, it's mezmorizing, I probably spent about an hour yesterday just staring out the window watching the thousands of little pieces of lace drifted to the ground and I was just struck with wonder.

Every. Single. Snowflake. Is unique! I honestly can't wrap my mind around that! If that doesn't scream proof of an intelligent and amazing Creator, than I don't know what does!

Just try and wrap your mind around this. Every snowflake is different. You could probably fit thousands of snowflakes just in your hand. And every single one of them is different! God truly is a genius! My mind is just blown when I think about it! Really, proof of Him is everywhere, you just have to look!

And with all this thinking about God's amazing creations, I think one of my favorite things are sunsets. Once again, every single one is different, and more stunning than the last! God has really spoiled us here on earth! I drew this picture that kind of matched a poem I wrote in like 6th grade, but I kind of like it. :)

See the Sea,
Shimmer and shine,
Wave at the whales
as they wallow in waves.
See the sunset
Slowly sliding away,
We're ready to set sail for home.

I really need to work on drawing depth better. The cloud is just a big black blob. Sigh. Oh well! I've never been good a drawing skies, or water, and here they both are in the same picture! Hurray!

On a slightly less amazing note, I've been listening to music non-stop, and I really, really really love Jet. They sound alot like the Beatles, except maybe a little less drugged? I dunno. But I like their slower songs the best. :D Elanor, Kings Horses, Shine On.. Good stuff..
I also like McFly. Don't judge. x) I have a soft spot for British pop bands...
I've also fallen in love with Bach's cello suites. Soooo beautiful I WILL learn to play the cello someday!

Well. I need to get over my laziness again and get ready for Trilogy tonight. -siiiigh-

Life's beautiful!


  1. Something about your posts just makes me happy :) And your music helps, too, haha. :) More British pop you might like is Pixie Lott! She's suchhh an amazing singer. I love her. And I think Shawn McDonald is amazing and you'll love him (he's actually from Oregon, not foreign at all, but whatever. You'll love him.)

    Anyways! I love your art. :) Sure, you're not a pro, but colors are so vibrant! I love the water, too. The reflection is gorgeous. Next time we have a sleepover, let's do some art. And this comment is more like a blog entry now hahaha. OH AND FOLLOW MY BLOG!!! It misses you.

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