Monday, August 8, 2011

I don't even know

Wow! It's been 3 months. I really have nothing much of importance to say.
But I was looking back on some of my previous blogposts, and they're kind of depressing! Sometimes I wonder if I'm bipolar or something.
Really though, life is beautiful. Like seriously, what a glorious gift we've been given! And yet we take it for granted, and so easily forget about how blessed we are.

Something I've been thinking about alot is not taking stuff for granted.
Really appreciating people, art, music, nature, family, air condition, food! I mean really, I've seen hundreds of little kids throw away whole lunches this summer without a second thought. And it really started to bother me, I mean, I understand there's only so much we can do for starving kids on the other side of the world. But our society is so wasteful, and so STUFF oriented, it just really starts to make me think.

I've also been thinking a lot about Korea.
I'm going to move there someday. Whenever I tell somebody that they either laugh to look at me like I'm crazy; but seriously, I love that place and I really have no idea why. I feel like when you think if "typical" missionary places you think of Africa, Uganda, India, etc. And yeah, all those places need reached. But really, you can go next door for a "missions" trip. Does your neighbor know God? How about the barista you buy your coffee from every morning? I dunno.
I totally just got sidetracked. xP Once again it just kind of boils down to living in the moment, and living that moment to the fullest.

Yep! Well. I've been super inspired recently just to be... Artsy. Partly because I've been looking up a bunch of crafty room ideas, and I just always get inspired around this time! Maybe because everything's getting all vamped up for another school year, and I always get hyped up. :D


  1. I've been dying for you to post! (YEAH I have a new blog haha).
    And I'm so happy that you did. I've been thinking about wasting things a lot lately, too... especially food with a famine in Somalia and all :(

    But I love that you recognize what a REAL missionary is. God could very well be burdening your heart for missions in Korea. :) If that's the case, how lovely a work God will be able to accomplish through you! I love you!

  2. I know! I hate to put a damper on everyone's day when I mention staring orphans in Africa and such,-since there's nothing we can do at the exact moment- but it's all just been burdening me a lot. Aw! Thanks Natalie! You are so super wise, and your comments make my day! LOVE YOU! and MIIIISS you!

  3. Definitely! You're not being a damper, you're being wonderfully aware of God's creations all around the world who need a little love (:
    Awww shucks! Ya flatter meee. Love you too! We shall hang soon.